Apply your maths and business know-how in time-pressured and competitive team games.

Our three simulations - Finance Lab, Dealing Room and Trading Floor - transform trading on the financial markets into rewarding collaborative learning experiences and effective tools for teachers and trainers.

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Use it in the classroom to support Maths, Business Studies and Economics.  Use it with all students to develop Skills, Financial Capability and Work-related Learning.  A...


The three simulations support many aspects of the Business, Accounting and Finance curricula. They are guaranteed to develop Key Skills, Functional Skills and Financial Capability...


Our simulations meet the subject area demands of Business and Finance courses. They also provide a valuable support tool for outreach and recruitment programmes...


Use the simulations for staff development and team-building. Sponsor an inter-schools event in your region or buy the resource for a local school. Facilitates links between...

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Use these exciting simulations to support:

  • Maths
  • Business Studies & Economics
  • Team Building
  • Financial Capability
  • Enterprise
  • Work-related Learning
  • Key Skills
  • Modern Languages

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  1. 1. 614,930 Stoke 6th Form College
  2. 2. 585,869 City of Armagh High School
  3. 3. 562,531 Cardiff Business School
  4. 4. 555,261 St. Nicholas School
  5. 5. 537,523 Runshaw College
  6. 6. 535,041 Herne Bay High School
  7. 7. 534,752 Salford City College
  8. 8. 523,078 St. Louis Grammar School
  9. 9. 521,933 Wetherby High School
  10. 10. 521,042 Holy Cross 6th Form

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    Maths & Business, KS5
  3. 1 week agoCoventry Business School
    Finance, HE
  4. 2 weeks agoPerins School
    Key Skills, Secondary
  5. 2 weeks agoBroadoak College
    Evaluation, Secondary

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"First Campus aims to raise educational standards and make sure all activities fully complement the curriculum, enrich studies, encourage participation and are enjoyable.  Stock Market Challenge always ticks every box."

Annie Davies, First Campus, Cardiff Metropolitan University

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Trading Floor experience but my highlight would have been the fierce competition between the rival teams and the tense atmosphere in the room. I enjoyed the fast pace we worked at.”

Aoibheann Harkin, Pupil, Thornhill College

“I went to the Investment Challenge hoping to learn about investments and the pressurized atmosphere of the stock exchange. I ended up having one of the best evenings since I've been at university. It was a frantic and testing event, but it was absolutely thrilling!”

Munro Stewart, Student, University of Dundee

"Used across a range of subjects and qualifications and in employability skills development, Global Investor is an invaluable asset for the college. It delivers focused, experiential learning in a stimulating way."

Robert Walford, Curriculum Manager, Deeside College