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Test your skills under pressure in a real-life trading room.

Are you an interested in a career in financial services? Do you have the right skills to succeed?  Do you want to find out more about opportunities in this area?

You are invited to join representatives of several major local companies — Citi, CME Group, First Derivatives, Fintru and Euronext — and compete in a live dealing room in Finance Lab, the game of strategic thinking and pressured decision-making. 

In this fast-moving and exciting business game you will need to demonstrate many of the skills necessary for business life, including, team-working, problem-solving and critical thinking.

You will be working alongside representatives of major local employers as you test and develop your skills in a time-pressured, competitive environment.

As a team of Fund Managers you will be managing your own investments in companies and commodities, just like real traders do in investment management company dealing rooms.

You will need to be at the top of your game to successfully navigate the fluctuations of the market and maximise your trading positions.

So come and join us in the dealing room. Places are limited so be sure to register as soon as you can. Refreshments will be provided.

Finance Lab

Finance Lab is a dual screen simulation game set in a fictitious world financial market. The aim of the game is to increase the value of a starting fund by trading in company shares and commodities.

Players work in pairs on two linked screens in the roles of Investment Analyst and Media Analyst. 

The 12 listed companies are based in different parts of the globe, with each operating in a different sector of the economy.  Cotton, oil and wheat are also traded on the market.

Investment decisions are based on the analysis of price and market data, and the interpretation of news stories.  The winning team is the one with the highest-valued fund at the close of trading.

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Ask our employers

Do you have a question about career opportunities that you'd like to ask people currently working in Northern Ireland's financial sector?  There is an employer Q&A panel at the event where company representatives will discuss their business operations and current job opportunities.

If you don't have a specific question, just select your main areas of interest and we'll ask the employers questions based on your responses.

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Event details:

  • 17.00-19.45, Wednesday 2 March
    R268/269, Titanic Quarter Campus, Belfast Met

Who should attend?

The event is open to all College students but will be particularly valuable for Business and Finance students taking the BTEC HND in Business, Foundation Degree in Accounting, and BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. 


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"Stock Market Challenge gave me a great insight into how markets operate and allowed me to put some of the theory from my coursework into practice."

Dean Varley, Economics & Finance BSc, Northern Ireland

"This is an excellent event. I really enjoyed the game environment and having to make quick decisions under pressure."

Philip McCarron, Economics BSc Hons, Northern Ireland

"Stock Market Challenge has been a brilliant success for all our students. One of our main objectives is to foster links with professional bodies and industry and this is a great way of bringing these elements together."

Dr. Lisa Bradley, Head of Department of International Business, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

"The event has really enhanced my interest in both investment banking and a potential career within Citi Group. This is a great way to meet company representatives."

Victoria Emery, Accounting & Finance MSc, Northern Ireland

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