Roy Lewis, Regional Services Manager, HSBC


"There was such a buzz at the Stock Market Challenge. If a team was looking for something that is fun to do and related to financial services then this is a really good opportunity. I would encourage people to do it."

Kathryn McGown, Human Resources Consultant, Standard Life


  • Investment Challenge Winners West Scotland
  • On the trading floor at Edinburgh University
  • Year 12 students at Bangor Business School
  • Year10 Business Studies students at St. Edwards School
  • Year 9, 10 & 11 working together at Bournville School
  • SE Wales students at UWIC's First Campus Stock Market Challenge
  • Edinburgh S3s working under pressure on the trading floor
  • Year 9s at the University of Reading's ICMA Centre
  • Team-work in action in the Trading Floor game
  • Keeping a sharp eye on the market
  • Undergraduate Traders
  • Assessing the news
  • Checking the markets
  • Deep in thought
  • Deliberations
  • I'm in charge
  • In discussion
  • Liquidating our assets
  • Student Ambassadors from Manchester Business School
  • University of Manchester Event
  • GI Competition at Manchester Business School
  • Investment Challenge Winners NE Scotland
  • Cardiff Met University Investment Challenge

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