Peter Sunley, Head of Economics & Business Studies, Queen Mary's Grammar School


"We have found Global Investor to be an excellent resource. Our Year 10 Enterprise Day link-up with the GCSE English ‘Speaking and Listening’ assessment makes for a enthralling and rigorous day for the boys."

Peter Sunley, Head of Economics and Business Studies, Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall

"I used Trading Floor for a mixed ability Year 9 enterprise day and the kids loved it. It kept them entertained for five hours of a school day, which is very rare!"

Simon Davies, Maths Teacher, Downlands School, Hampshire

We used Dealing Room with three different Business Management classes. All of them really enjoyed it and took it very seriously, whilst having fun.  It is invaluable.

Dorothy Ferguson, Business Education Teacher, Knox Academy, East Lothian

"The interactivity and excitement of Trading Floor enabled us to engage with Year 6 pupils from our feeder schools and give them an experience that would help introduce subjects and themes they will explore in Year 7.  The event was a great success."

Rob Wood, Director of Business and Enterprise, The Wellington Academy, Wiltshire

"Dealing Room allows pupils to apply their understanding of mathematics to a real life situation in such a creative and refreshing way. I have written this into the scheme of work for all our KS4 classes. It's FAB!"

Lindsay Porter, Head of Maths, Moorside High School, Salford

"Dealing Room served as a great opportunity to reinforce many mathematical terms and concepts. Students developed an understanding of the knowledge and skills relating to a particular industry sector, with its direct relevance to the world of work."

Mark Bouckley, Assistant Headteacher, Hedingham School, Essex

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